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Kai Martin

Kai Martin is a San Diego raised artist, born in January of 1986.  He spent most of his childhood drawing, and thrived with his family’s loving and constant support. Like other kids his age, he perused the latest comics, cartoons, and video games.  He began realizing that he had even more fun creating his own imaginary universes, characters, and projects. The freedom to create anything he could imagine on canvas sparked his artistic passion.

Kai nurtured his talents with private art classes at Neko Press Art Studios and earned a graphic design degree from Platt College. Since then, Kai has been live painting for over 10 years. He painted on stage with his friend's band Silent Armada for the first year, then followed that up with many live art appearances at nightclubs, bars, and gallery shows. Currently he can be found at comic conventions along the Western US as well as traveling the country to show his work at rock festivals including Riot Fest, Sonic Temple, Epicenter, and Aftershock. 

Projects include a horror anthology comic book called Fruition with writer Anthony Trevino, several mural projects in San Diego, and a children’s book in the works with Sean & Rachel Dietrich.