Kai Martin Art


Physical and Digital versions of this comic book are now available in the shop!

Fruition is a project I've been working on with writer Anthony Trevino for some time now. We are incredibly excited to release issue one of this new comic. It uses elements from drama, horror (supernatural, cosmic, and body horror), and noir.

Seen here are the front cover, plus a sample of issue one, pages 1-6.

"Brian Falmouth is angry. Working away his days as a low-level government drone, he watches everything he has slip away. The promotion. The beautiful girlfriend. The opportunity to make a real difference. All of it gone. One night he gets beaten within inches of his life and it triggers a violent path of spiritual self discovery, where he'll come face-to-face with a sadomasochistic comedian, a dangerous telekinetic with bold plans for revenge, and a supernatural hit squad with the most brutal, but best of intentions. 

These are just some of the characters you'll meet in Fruition. This isn't a story about the fortunate ones. It's about those that grind their days away in bitter misery. It's about what happens when people explode and the collateral damage of those caught in the blast zone. 

This is Fruition. And the universe doesn't care about you... "